First Place!

In April 2015, CSP chose to enter the 2015 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge competition. This competition requires vendors to put together a pen of 6 head of cattle to be feed at Wilga Feedlot. CSP drafted up 6 head of company bred Angus steers to be entered into the domestic class of the competition. This year’s competition had a total of 450 head of cattle entered. Out of this some 330 head were entered into the domestic class alone.

The competition looked at a number of characteristics of feedlot cattle. These included live assessment which assessed feedlot growth and performance, the feedlot total which scored carcass grid compliance, carcass judge scores, a meat quality score based on MSA index, and profitability. The competition awarded points to pens of 6 as well as individual animals.

CSP were the proud winners of two ribbons: First place for an individual animal in the carcass grid section and a Third placing for individual animal for feedlot performance.

Michael R

Mobla Farm Manager, Michael Rapley, accepting our First Prize award for the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Beef Challenge!