Management Team

Jon Choi– Sales  

093a5aeAs Managing Director of Crown State, Jon heads up export (and domestic) sales.   Together with his family, Jon has created Crown State.  Jon is responsible for developing strategic plans, controlling finance, and implementing the overall vision for Crown State.  Please contact Jon at 02 8305 0300 for any sales related enquires.



 Michael Rapley– Mobla Station & Feedlot Farm Manager

 Michael RapleyMichael Rapley is the Farm & Feedlot Manager at Mobla Station and comes with a long and distinguished working career wthin the feedlot industry, having previously worked as a feedlot manager for a large vertically integrated feedlotting and processing operator in Queensland.  Michael possesses a genuine passion for the feedlot industry with a very keen interest in being a part of our paddock to plate process in supplying quality finished beef and lamb to our customers.  He lives on farm with his wife Michelle and two young children.


Micky D. Rapley– Chatham Farm Manager Micky D

Micky is the Farm Manager at Chatham and comes with an extensive working career within the sheep and beef industry.  He possess in-depth livestock and management skills of cattle and sheep, adding value to the overall management team at Crown State.  He is passionate about cattle and horses.  Micky lives on farm with his wife Cherie and kids.


Michael Lee– Chief Financial Officer  

Michael Lee is Crown State’s seasoned veteran in the finance and meat game.  Michael has over 20 years of experience.  First at KPMG and then going in-house with a large meat retailer and meat processor before coming to Crown State.  Michael holds in-depth and extensive knowledge in finance and accounting with an emphasis in the meat production and processing industry.